Product Information - Slide-n-Hide It® Features
The Bed Spread Holder - Slide-n-Hide It is a nice space saver and easy to use.

It slides between the box spring and mattress, just pull out to a safe distance of 21” or less and let support leg fold down.

Set your folded bedspread, blankets or comforter on the wire bars which can hold up to 17 lbs.

When not needed simply flip up the support leg and slide it back between the box spring and mattress.

It’s attractive chrome plated finish can be hidden when covered with the bedspread or hardly visible when not in use.

Can use with height of box spring between 13” to 15-3/4” from floor and is 34” wide.

Easy to assemble.

It is recommended that two units are used with a king size bed.

Yes it's honestly behind the bedspread. Notice how flat the spread lays.

Some features of the Slide-n-Hide It®:
  • Bed spread Holder
  • Comforter Holder
  • Blanket Holder or Rack
  • Quilt Rack
  • Collapsible Bed Spread Holder
  • Space Saver
  • Holds:
    • Folded Bed Spread
    • Folded Quilt
    • Folded Blanket
  • Made in the USA
  • It's Patented
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